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I'm a design professional with over 20 years experience in Design, Mentorship and Education with a focus on communication design. I have worked in the creative industries with my most recent portfolio being made up with graphic design and digital design related work.


Most recently I have built an illustration folio that can be purchased as pre drawn prints from the e-shop or you can contact me for custom projects. 

I am inspired by all things DESIGN! Collaborating and working on creative projects is at the core of Kata Design. 

As part of the Kata Design brand I am working on delivering services and creating products that you can love and use. Customisation of products and services are available, just contact me via email or the form on the site and I will happily discuss your project requirements.


All areas of design communication can be serviced from print media to digital media. If you're looking for design solutions for your business or brand contact me by filling in the contact form for a quote.


I'm a designer and illustrator. Buy from the e-shop or contact me for a quote on a custom illustration especially for you.



Contact me for the following services:

Commissioned illustrations: get in touch to discuss a personalised art piece. 

Design Projects: design for publication layout, marketing collateral, business cards, logo design, digital collateral and customised design services. 



E | kate@katadesign.com.au

A | PO Box 115, Yarraville, VIC. 3013


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