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I am inspired by all things DESIGN!

Collaborating and working on creative projects is at the core of Kata Design. 

As part of the Kata Design brand I am working on delivering services and creating products that you can love and use. Customisation of products and services are available, just contact me via email or complete the form on the site and I will happily discuss your project requirements.

I have worked as a designer for 25+ years and would love to help you see your brand or business come to life through the varying design communication channels available. Custom and commission work is so inspiring so if you have a project you would like help with then please contact me.

My e-shop has a selection of illustration prints in varying formats available for sale.

Don't see what you want in the e-shop, contact me. Most of my illustration posts on instagram are printable, or alternatively contact me for a commissioned piece.

I look forward to hearing from you 🧡



My Illustrative practice has evolved over the last 4 years where I have moved to a fully digital illustrative  practice. 

This has allowed me greater flexibility and scope to accomodate  varying project types from large scale prints to more intimate fine art prints. 


My e-shop has a selection of prints and greeting cards that are stocked and ready for purchase.


Alternatively contact me for a quote on a custom illustration designed especially for you.



If you're looking for design solutions for your business or brand contact me by filling in the contact form for a quote.

I would love to discuss, develop and design your branding and promotional needs with you to help you realise your visual goal.

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